The SCCP/TCAP Pane is created under the SS7 Stack object. This object is can only be accessed when the stack being created has both SCCP and TCAP fields configured with either the ANSI or ITU protocol. The SCCP/TCAP object is a placeholder object that allows a user to create different SCCP/TCAP services such as the Subsystem Number. Once the SCCP/TCAP object is created under a stack, a subsystem number can be created under it to allow communicating with remote SCCP/TCAP applications. See Subsystem Number for information on which subsystem numbers/configurations are available.


ClientView Pane

IMG EMS > IMG Name > SS7 > SS7 Stack > SCCP/TCAP



Related Topics and Dependencies

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Maximum Objects

One SCCP/TCAP object per SS7 Stack


Field Descriptions

No configurable fields