Secure Profile

The Secure Profile pane allows a user to create a Secure Profile for TLS. By creating the Secure Profile a Trust ID to a remote IP element such as a Gateway can be created. Once a Secure Profile is created, it can be assigned to the SIP Signaling stack and/or the External Gateway.


ClientView Pane

IMG EMS > Profiles > Secure Profile



Maximum Objects

Up to 32 Secure Profiles can be created under the Profiles object.


Related Topics and Dependencies

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Field Descriptions

Secure Profile ID

A unique ID which identifies a Secure Profile record within the Secure Profile Database. This is automatically populated with the next available ID and cannot be modified.


Secure Profile Name

A unique name entered to identify this Secure Profile. For a table displaying the valid characters that can be entered for the Secure Profile Name field refer to Valid Characters topic.


Trust ID

The Trust ID field has a drop down list with all the Certificate Entries created under the Certificate Database object.


Client Certificate Verification

This option only applies to the server side and defines the behavior that the server will take while authenticating the client. A drop down menu will have the selections True or False

True - If true is selected the 2020 IMG will request a certificate from the client entity and validate it.

False - If false is selected the 2020 IMG will not request a certificate from the client entity.