The SIP-TCAP Interworking MWI object is created under the GCL Services object. The SIP-TCAP Interworking object has a drop down menu which will display all the subsystem numbers created. The SIP-TCAP Interworking object can be used to associate a service with a particular channel group. Once the SIP-TCAP Interworking object is created, it can be added as a New Service to a SIP Channel Group. This object is used in the configuration of the MWI feature. For more information, see GCL Service which is configured under the SIP Channel Group object in ClientView. The Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) over TCAP is supported in ANSI and ITU protocols.


ClientView Pane

IMG EMS > GCL Services > SIP > TCAP Interworking



Maximum Objects

(1) SIP-TCAP Interworking objects per GCL Services object.

(16) SIP-TCAP Interworking objects per BDN EMS


Related Topics and Dependencies

GCL Services

GCL Service


Subsystem Number

Adjacent Translator

SS7 Route

Message Waiting Indicator


Field Descriptions


The Subsystem field displays a drop down menu which includes all the subsystem numbers created under the different SS7 stacks within the Logical 2020 IMG group. Once the SIP-TCAP object is created, it will be available in the SIP Channel Group Object as a New Service.