SS7 Link

SS7 messaging is transmitted over 56 or 64 kilobit per second bidirectional channels which are referred to as Signaling Links. SS7 signaling occurs out-of-band and is accomplished over the signaling links. The SS7 signaling link is configured under the SS7 Link Set object and is configured on a specific span/channel which is decided on by the user. See below for more information.


ClientView Pane

IMG EMS > Logical IMG > IMG Name > SS7 > SS7 Stack > SS7 Link Set > SS7 link



Maximum Objects

Up to 64 links can be configured on an individual 2020 IMG


Related Topics and Dependencies

To configure SS7 Signaling links, the following items must first be configured:

Configuring SS7 


Field Descriptions

Link ID

The Link ID field is automatically populated with the next available Link ID. The Link ID field identifies this specific link. If LINK ID needs to be changed, click in the field and select a different ID drop down menu. Link ID values range from 0 – 127.


2020 IMG

When creating an SS7 signaling link, the 2020 IMG Node that the link will be associated with is configured in the 2020 IMG field. Select from drop down menu which specific 2020 IMG the link being configured will be associated with.



After selecting which 2020 IMG the link will be associated with the user must select which span the link will get configured on. When configuring the SS7 signaling link, any bearer span interface can be used. Click in the Span field and select a Span that the link will reside on. All configured TDM Spans located under the Facilities object will be displayed in this drop down menu.



Select a channel from the Span selected previously. This will be the channel that the SS7 link will be configured on. Click in the Channel field and a drop down list displaying all channels configured on the Span field above will be displayed. Select one of the channels the link will be utilizing.


Signaling Link Code

The Signaling Link Code (SLC) is a number (0-15) which is assigned by both ends to identify a specific link within a link set. The SLC defined in the SS7 Signaling Link Code field must match the SLC value assigned to the link by the distant end.


Data Rate

The Data Rate field allows user to specify the data rate of the SS7 signaling link.

Note: For T1 SS7 links with line coding configured for B7ZS, only the 48 Kbps data rates are valid.


Electrical Interface

Some carriers allow their DS1's to be allocated for Voice and Data or Data only. Depending on which type of DS1 will be used will depend on the setting below. If DS1 line is for Voice and Data then the DSI Channel interface should be selected from drop down menu. If however the line will be dedicated for data only then select DS1 Channel Data from drop down menu.

DS1 Channel (Default) - Interface configured for both Voice and data

DS1 Channel Data - Interface configured for data only.



Button Functionality


Monitoring Fields

Link Status

This monitoring field displays the status of the SS7 link whether it is in or out of service.


Object Table

The object table displays a list of the configured SS7 links under a specific SS7 Link set.