Route String Wildcards

Use the following digits and wildcards in the Router String field of the Route Entry pane.




0 - f

Digits 0 through f


Indicates that the digit represented by X can be any single digit.

The "X" wild card is allowed only when it is the last character or followed by another "X" wild card. The "X&" combination of wildcards is not supported in the route table but is allowed in the translation table.

For example, the string 50886232XX will match 5088623200, 5088623290, or any other number that begins with 50886232.


Indicates that the digits represented by & can be one or more digits of any value. For example, the string 508& will match 5088623000, 5087783920, 50812, 508, or any other number that begins with 508. The & must be the last character in the string.