Configuring H.323 Signaling


Configuring VoIP Modules



  1. Right-click Physical IMG and select New Signaling.

  2. Right-click Signaling and select New H.323. The H.323 Signaling pane appears.

  3. Complete the fields as noted below. See the H.323 Signaling pane reference for details.



Outbound tunneling can be enabled in the IP Bearer Traffic Profile used for outbound calls. See H245 Tunneling.


  1. The following fields will be green and currently have only one option. They are not configurable:


  1. The fields listed below are only required if you are connecting to an external gatekeeper. The external Gatekeeper is configured with the External GateKeeper pane.



  1. To change the default H.323 timers, right-click the H.323 Signaling entry and select New H.323 Timers. Refer to H.323 Timers pane reference.



Gateway Discovery/Registration

You can Discover and Register with a gatekeeper manually using the Gateway buttons in the H.323 Signaling pane. To automatically Discover and Register with a gatekeeper, enable Gatekeeper Auto Discovery in the External Gatekeeper pane.


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