Configuring DNS for SIP

For SIP gateway lookups when the gateway IP Address is not known, you can configure DNS servers to locate SIP servers based on Host Name.

Configuring DNS Servers

You can configure up to 8 DNS Servers.

  1. Right-click External Network Elements and select New DNS Servers.


    The DNS Servers pane appears.

  2. In the Domain Name field, enter the Domain Name of your network.

  3. Right click DNS Servers and select New DNS Server.


    The DNS Server pane appears.

  4. Enter the Server Name and Server IP Address for the server.

  5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 for each server (up to 8 total).


See the DNS Server pane reference for more details.



Configure DNS Clients on an IMG

Perform the following for each IMG for which you require DNS Server access:

  1. Right-click the physical IMG entry and select New DNS Client.


    The DNS Client pane appears.

Note: The DNS Client Network Interface field is automatically populated with the IP Address of the IMG.

  1. For each field: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Server, select a DNS server (which you have previously configured) from the drop-down list.