Setting Host Flag

The following diagrams below display the Host Flag settings used in the dhcpd.conf file located in /etc directory and the bootup.cfg located on the SD card. Use the diagrams below to compute the Host Flag value. There are two diagrams displayed below. The first is used to compute the Host Flag value in software 10.5.0 through 10.5.2. The second Host Flag diagram is used to compute the hostflag value in software version 10.5.3 and beyond. This diagram adds bit 7 which is used to set host flag value for SRTP/TLS configurations


Host Flag for Software versions 10.5.0 through 10.5.2



Host Flag for Software version 10.5.3

Note: In software version 10.5.3 SRTP was added to the IMG. Note that an extra bit setting was added to the bit mask to either make SRTP available to all the channels or not have SRTP available at all. Use the diagram below to compute the hostflag for software version 10.5.3.


Note: Profiles 6 and 7 are supported on the MindSpeed modules only. Broadcom modules do not support Profiles 6 and 7



Calculating the BootFlag:

The boot flag is calculated by adding values above based on desired system attributes.



If system is used for T1 only --> Add 0

If system is used for E1 only --> Add 2



If booting from an FTP Server -->  Add 0

If booting from an SD Card     -->  Add 32



Example: Booting from SD Card + E1 system

Booting from SDCard =  32

Configuring E1 System = 2

Using Profile 6 = 16

BootFlag for this system is 32 + 2 + 16 = 50



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