DNS Server


Use this pane to configure a DNS Server for Domain Name lookups. This object can only be created after configuring the DNS Servers object. ClientView will allow a total of 15 ENUM and/or DNS servers under one DNS Servers object. The user can configure the IP address and DNS Server name in this pane.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS-> External Network Elements-> DNS Servers-> DNS Server


Maximum Objects:

3 individual DNS Server objects can be created under 1 DNS Servers object. However this is a shared resource with ENUM Server Sets. The max for both objects total is 15.


Note: Each DNS Client will allow only three DNS Servers to be configured. (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)


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ClientView Pane:



Field Descriptions:

DNS Server Id:

This field is automatically populated with the next available number in the sequence ranging from ID:1 - ID:15)


DNS Server Name:

Click in the DNS Server Name field and enter a name that uniquely specifies this DNS Server. The Default name given is DNS_Server1.


DNS Server IP Address:

Click in this field and an 'Enter IP Address' address box will appear. Enter the IP address of this DNS server


Object Table Tab:

Shows the information for all DNS servers configured.