ENUM Server


Use this pane to configure a single ENUM Server. The ENUM Server is configured under an ENUM Server Set in ClientView. Once the ENUM Server is configured, the user can now assign the ENUM Server to a SIP Channel Group by configuring an IP Network Element under the SIP Channel group. Configuring an IP Network Element under a SIP Channel Group is explained in the IP Network Element pane.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS > External Network Elements > ENUM Server Set > ENUM Server



Maximum Objects:

A total of 3 ENUM Servers can be configured under one ENUM Server Set. ENUM Server shares ID's with DNS server. The maximum amount of ID's shared is 15


Pre-requisite Configuration:

ENUM Server Set


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ClientView Pane:




Field Descriptions:

ENUM Server Id:

This field is automatically populated with the next number in the sequence up to a total of three ENUM Servers.


ENUM Server Name:

A unique name the user enters to identify the server. The user will assign the Server name through the use of the ClientView Pane.


ENUM Server IP Address:

The IP Address that is assigned to the ENUM Server. The user will configure the IP address through the use of the ClientView Pane.