ISDN Group Pane



This is configured under the Channel Group Object and is used to configure an ISDN Group.

Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS -> Routing Configuration -> Channel Group -> ISDN Group



Related Topics:

Defining an ISDN Channel Group


Maximum Objects:

T1 - 32/ E1 - 24 per Channel Group



ClientView Pane: Software 10.5.x:



Field Descriptions:

ISDN D-channel:

This field will automatically get populated with the D-channels that are configured. Select the D Channel that will provide signaling for this ISDN Group.


Network Type:

Select from drop down list a regional carrier. See list below:


Do Not Include Network-Specific Facilities (NSF) IE

ATT Software Defined Network

ATT Megacom 800 Service

ATT Megacom

ATT Accunet

ATT Long Distance Service

ATT International 800

ATT Multiquest

Northern Telecom Private Net

Northern Telecom InWats

Northern Telecom OutWats

Northern Telecom Foreign Exchange

Northern Telecom Tie Trunk

Northern Telecom TRO Call


Bearer Capabilities Allowed:

This field is used by the calling party to specify the kind of B-Channel that is being requested. Click in this field and a 'Select Multiple Items' box appears. By holding <CTRL> key on keyboard down, you can select multiple Capabilities.


Voice (default)

3.1 KHz audio

Unrestricted 56K

Unrestricted 64K

Restricted 64K

384K -

Unrestricted digital information with tones and announcements



Discard Privacy Info:

The option selected will be removed from the outgoing SETUP message. See Configuring SIP Privacy.


No (default except for ISDN B Channels)

Display Only (default for ISDN B Channels)

Generic Number Only

Display and Generic Number

Calling Party Only

Display and Calling Number

Calling, Display and Generic