Route List


This pane creates a Route List with Hunting Options specified. From this object a user can add a list of Channel Groups by right clicking the object and selecting "Channel Group". Each Route List will allow nine Channel groups to be added to it. Route lists are a set of channel groups from which the router can select an outgoing channel for a call. The goal of the route list is to route calls in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.


The channel groups that are assigned to a route list provide alternate routes to a call destination. If the channels in one channel group are unavailable due to one of the cause codes listed below, the router attempts to select a channel from the remaining channel groups within the route list. The router searches the channel group and then selects an individual channel based on the hunting option that was specify in the route list.


A feature added in 10.5.1 ER3 allows the IMG to stop accessing the channel groups in the Route List if one of the channel group destinations sends back a cause code rejecting the call (Re-routing Cause Codes Displayed Below). The feature is configurable by selecting either 'Enabled' or 'Disabled' from a drop down menu in the Route List Pane. See the 'Re-Route based on Cause Codes' field in the Field Descriptions section below for information on each selection.


Re-routing Cause Codes:





Important Note: Calls can be rerouted on up to (4) additional cause codes. This is accomplished by clicking in the 'Reattempt Cause Code' field which is located in the Channel Group ClientView Pane. A Select Multiple Items box will appear with multiple Cause Codes to select from. More than one Cause Code can be chosen by selecting <CTRL> key and clicking on multiple entries. The IMG will automatically attempt to re-route calls in response to the selected cause codes.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS -> Routing Configuration -> Route Lists -> Route List


Maximum Objects:

254 Route Lists per EMS

9 Channel Groups per Route List. (As of Software Revision 10.5.1_ER1 the IMG will allow 20 Channel Groups per Route List)


Related Topics:

Configuring Route Lists


Before you begin:

You must create channel groups under the Routing Configuration Object before you can create any route lists.

Route List Pane:

Software 10.5.0 - 10.5.1_ER2



Software 10.5.1_ER3 +




Field Descriptions:


A descriptive name the user gives to the route list table created. Once the object is committed this cannot be changed unless the object is deleted and then re-added.


Route List ID:

This field is automatically populated with the next available number. The ID is also user selectable. A drop Down menu can be accessed by clicking in the RouteList ID field of the User-Specified column. The user can select an ID from 1 to 254.


Hunting Options:

Select the hunting algorithm that the router will use to select a channel group within the route list.

The following hunting options are available:


LRU - The router selects the "least recently used" channel group; that is, the group that has been idle for the longest period of time.

Round Robin - The router selects the first free channel group that follows the channel group that it selected for the previous call. With this option, the router maintains a pointer to the last used channel group and begins each new search at the next channel group within the route list.

Sequential - For each call, the router searches for a channel group based on the sequence of the channel groups in the route list. With this option the router always begins its search with the first channel group in the route list.

Percent - Used when configuring route list to send calls to Outgoing channel groups on a percentage basis. For example, the IMG could be configured to send 50% of calls to Channel Group 1 and 50% of calls to Channel Group 2. See Route List Percentage based routing for more information.


Re-Route based on Cause Codes

Enabled (Default): When Enabled, the IMG will be able to re-route calls to the other channel groups in the route list.

Disabled: When 'Disabled', the IMG will not be able to re-route the calls.



Display Table:

Object Table Tab

This pane displays all of the Channel Groups in the route list in the order it appears in the ClientView Tree Pane. The order in which the IMG will access each of these Channel Groups depends on how the Hunting Options are set in the Route List. The order of how the Channel Groups are displayed in this pane can be changed by selecting a Channel Group from this Display Table and then clicking on the UP/DOWN arrows in the Top Menu Bar in ClientView.


Object Status Tab

This pane when selected displays a Timestamp of when the object was created and its status. The information under the Object Status Tab can be cleared by right clicking on one of the entries and select "Clear". This will clear all the information in this display Pane for the specific object.

This pane displays all of the Channel Groups assigned to the route list.