ITU Location Number Assertion


This feature is needed in the billing system of operators when they use call back on voice mail to charge the user. P-Access-Network-Info header is not included in this feature. Insert only the location number on the SS7 outgoing IAM message based on the configuration.


Accessing this Pane

Dialogic IMG EMS > Routing Configuration > Channel Groups > Channel Group > ISUP Group > ITU Location Number Assertion


Maximum Objects:

1 PER ISUP Stack


Related Topics:

SS7 Stack

Configuring SS7 signaling


ClientView Pane:




Field Descriptions:

Location Number Assertion:

Enabled - Add SS7 location number parameter based on the next 13 configuration bytes

Disabled (Default) - Do not add SS7 location number parameter.


Nature Of Address:

Reserved for subscription number

Reserved for Unknown

National (Significant) Number (National Use)

International Number


Internal Network Number:

Routing to Internal Number Allowed

Routing to Internal Number NOT Allowed


Numbering Plan Indicator:


ISDN Numbering Plan

Data Numbering Plan

Telex Numbering Plan

Private Numbering Plan

Reserved for national use


Address Presentation:

Presentation Allowed

Presentation Restricted

Address not available


Screening Indicator:


User Provided, Verified and Passed

Network Provided


BCD Digits:

Enter BCD digits selecting the field and entering the digits