Alternate Gatekeepers


For each gatekeeper that the IMG is configured to communicate with up to six alternate gatekeepers. By configuring alternate gatekeepers, redundancy is provided in the H.323 network. The alternate gatekeepers configured will be backups in the event that the primary gatekeeper fails or loses connection with the IMG (h.323 endpoint). The alternate gatekeepers are configured under the External Gatekeeper object and are considered backups to that primary gatekeeper. To configure the alternate gatekeepers, right click on the External Gatekeeper object and select New Alternate Gatekeeper.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS-> External Network Elements-> External Gatekeepers-> External Gatekeeper-> Alternate Gatekeepers



Maximum Objects:

6 Alternate Gatekeepers for each Gatekeeper Object in ClientView


Related Topics:

Adding an External Gatekeeper


Click on Technical Notes link for technical information when configuring the Alternate Gatekeeper


ClientView Pane:



Field Descriptions:

Alternate Gatekeeper Id:

The Alternate Gatekeeper Id is automatically populated with the next available Id. To modify the default Id, click in the Alternate Gatekeeper Id field and select new Id from drop down menu. Values range from Id:1 to Id:6. 



Click in the Name field and enter a name that identifies this alternate gatekeeper. 


Gatekeeper IP Address:

Click in the Gatekeeper IP Address field and an Enter IP Address box will appear. Enter the IP address of the alternate gateway that is being configured in this object. The 2020 IMG will use this address to communicate with the alternate gatekeeper in the event of a failure on the primary gatekeeper.


Object Table Tab:

Displays all Alternate Gatekeepers configured under the External Gatekeeper object. Information such as IP and Name is displayed for each Alternate Gatekeeper the IMG is configured to communicate with configured.