Configure NFS Share to Play Treatments


The IMG1010 runs an NFS client that can be configured to retrieve files from an NFS server to accomplish such things as playing announcements, downloading route tables and using Call Tracing. Below is procedure on how to configure the GCEMS server to become an NFS server to share files used in playing treatments and announcements. The first step in configuring the IMG to play announcements is to configure the GCEMS server to share the files. Follow procedure below to accomplish configuring the GCEMS server as an NFS Share.


Linux Red Hat (Enterprise)

  1. On GCEMS server open NFS. You will be asked for password to become a root or superuser. If server was purchased from Dialogic or if instructions from this manual were followed then:

root password = excel2.

Otherwise you will need to acquire the root password to the server.



  1. To add a new share, select the "+" Add button. Browse to directory that contains the .vox files. In the case of GCEMS server the path is  

    /opt/dialogic/common/treatment/datafiles (Software Release 10.5.1 and above).


  2. Set Basic permissions to either Read-Only or Read/Write. Read/Write is not necessary but can be set for future use.

  3. The Host(s) field is the IMG's IP address. Below are a few different ways of selecting multiple IMG's

  1. Click on the “General Options” tab. Accept the default value "Sync write operations on request."

  2. Click on the "User Access" tab. Set as follows:

  3. Click the boxes. See screen capture below

  1. The User ID and Group ID are found by going to the Linux Red Hat start menu and selecting Systems and Settings > Users and Groups.

  2. The User ID is displayed in the User ID Tab under the excelsw user. Enter that number.

  3. The Group ID is displayed in the Group ID Tab under the excelsw user. Enter that number.


  4. After pressing OK your entry should appear in the window. This utility restarts the NFS servers so there is no need to do anything else.

  5. Configuring the NFS Share on the GCEMS server has been accomplished. Click on the link below to bring you back to list of steps to accomplish.


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