Once the NFS Share has been configured on the GCEMS server the NFS Server object can be configured in the ClientView application. The NFS server is considered external to the IMG itself so it is configured under the External Elements obect in ClientView. Follow procedure below to configure an NFS Server object in ClientView.


Configure NFS Server in ClientView

  1. Right Click on the Logical IMG in ClientView and select New External Network Element.

  2. Right Click on External Network Elements object pane and select New NFS Servers. This object is a placeholder so that multiple NFS Servers can be configured under it. Nothing needs to be entered under this object.

  3. Right Click on NFS Servers object and select New NFS Server and the NFS server pane will appear. See Below.


Fill in the fields above accordingly


NFS Server ID:

This field is automatically populated with the next available ID. A drop down menu will allow configuring ID's from 1 to 8


NFS Server Enabled:

The NFS server can be enabled or disabled using a drop down menu. This allows the NFS server to be configured but not enabled.


NFS_Server Name:

A name describing the NFS server can be entered in this field. Click in the field and enter a name for the NFS Server.


NFS Server IP Address:

Enter IP address of the NFS server. Click in the NFS Server field and enter IP address in box that appears. This is IP address of the NFS server that the Share is set up on. Usually GCEMS IP address


NFS Mount Directory:

This is the location of the directory that is to be mounted. The directory must start with “/” or “\\”. On the GCEMS server the path to the .vox files is:


/opt/cantata/common/treatment/datafiles (10.5.0 and above)

  1. Configuring the NFS Object in ClientView has been accomplished. The next step is to configure the Media modules. Click on the link below to bring you back to list of steps.