Configure Channel Groups for IP Phones


To connect the IP phones to the IMG, a channel group for each IP device/phone will need to be created. The procedure below will create two channel groups. One channel group for each IP device/phone.



  1. To create a channel group in ClientView the Routing Configuration Object pane must first be configured. Right Click on IMG EMS Object and select New Routing Configuration. The Routing Configuration pane will get created.

  2. Once Routing Configuration Pane is created then right click on it and select New Channel Groups. This is a placeholder for multiple channel groups.

  3. To create a Channel group for the first IP Phone, right click on Channel Groups Object and select New Channel Group. The channel group object pane will get created. Below is screen capture of channel group used in this example for the PingTel IPPhone




Notes on Specific fields in Channel Groups

  1. Next create channel group for SJPhone. Below is screen capture of Channel Group created. Change the fields as described above


  2. To connect the IP Phone to this Channel Group the IP phone must be an External Network Element of this Channel group. Right Click on PingTel Channel Group and select New IP Network Element.

  3. In the IP Network Element that appears select from drop down menu the PingTel IP phone.

  4. Do the same for  the SJPhone Channel Group and select SJPhone as the External Network Element.

  5. The channel groups are created and configured the last thing is to make a call from each phone and verify the call goes through.


If voice path is verified continue on to the next topic which will explain how to configure IMG for Error Handling and play specific treatments.