Configure the IP Bearer Profiles and then Vocoder Entries



Before creating the Channel Groups the IP bearer profiles must be created. The IP Bearer profiles will be used in the Channel Group objects incoming and Outgoing IP profiles.



  1. Right Click on the Dialogic IMG EMS object and select New Profiles. A Profiles object will get created. This will hold multiple IP Bearer profiles and there corresponding Vocoder entries. No data needs to be entered in this pane.

  2. Right Click on Profiles and select New IP Bearer Profiles. The IP bearer profiles screen appears. For information on what data to enter here see IP Bearer Profiles Entry link.

  3. Once the IP bearer entry is completed right click on Bearer IP Profile object and select New Supported Vocoders. To information on what data to enter her see the Vocoder Entry link.

  4. Configuring the IP Bearer Profiles Object in ClientView has been accomplished. The next step is to configure the Channel Groups. Click on the link below to bring you back to list of steps.