Configuring IP Phones as External Gateways


In this example there is an SJPhone application and an IP phone. These phones need to be added to the configuration as External Gateways. Once the external gateways are created they can be selected in the Channels groups as External Network Elements. Follow procedure below to configure phones as gateways



  1. An External Network Elements object should already be created. Right Click on External Network Elements object and select New External Gateways. The pane that appears is a placeholder to allow configuring multiple gateways beneath it. No information needs to be entered here.

  2. Right Click on the External Gateways object and select New External Gateway. A pane like below will appear.


  3. Enter information into the following fields.



Enter a name for this External Gateway/External Network Element.


Gateway Signaling Protocol:

Select from drop down menu the SIP protocol


Gateway IP address:

Enter IP address for the IP phone you are configuring


Gateway Mask:

Enter a Subnet mask for IP Phone

  1. The information entered is all that is needed for this example. For more information on the other fields in the External Gateway Pane click on External Gateway link.

  2. Configuring the Phones as gateways has been accomplished. The next step is to configure the IP Bearer Profiles. Click on the link below to bring you back to list of steps.