Digit matching

The IMG uses digit matching for number selection and validation. The IMG matches on a specific digit string such as dialed number or originating number. Digit Matching is available for all types of Translation Tables. When you create a Translation Table that includes more than one entry, the IMG selects the most specific digit string match.

When the IMG receives a call, it searches the entries in the specified Translation Table until it finds a match for the digit string and all applicable call parameters (based on the values in the String to Match and String fields). When it finds a match, the IMG performs the associated translation or error detection.

Note: To prevent unmatched calls from failing, define a match string for each Translation Table that will match all numbers. For example: &.


Sort Order in Translation Tables and Routing Tables

Dialed number strings in Translation Tables and Route Tables are sorted according to the following rules:


Example Route Table Entries

The following example shows actual entries in a route table as they would be sorted.

Entry 2  - Dialed Number,8888

Entry 18 - Dialed Number,8331

Entry 19 - Dialed Number,5828

Entry 8  - Dialed Number,55555

Entry 11 - Dialed Number,5551

Entry 1  - Dialed Number,5348

Entry 14 - Dialed Number,5347

Entry 5  - Dialed Number,5088623000

Entry 4  - Dialed Number,5&

Entry 9  - Dialed Number,3778

Entry 13 - Dialed Number,3777

Entry 0  - Dialed Number,3&


Digit Matching Examples

The table below shows several matching examples. The first column of the table displays the match strings in a Translation Table. The second column shows the incoming numbers, the third column shows the match string from the Translation Table that the IMG uses to match the number, and the fourth column explains why the number matches.


Translation Table
Match Strings

Number to be Matched

 Matching String





exact match




No exact match, but the first three digits are 508, the next three can be any value and the last three digits are 3000




No exact or more specific match, but the first six digits are 508862 and the remaining digits can be any value




No exact or more specific match, but the first three digits are 508 and the remaining digits can be any value




exact match