An Overview of Error Handling

The IMG supports the playing of announcements or tones to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) based on cause codes when a call fails due to an internal or network error. You can specify whether the IMG plays a treatment or releases a call on a per channel group basis.


Error handling consists of the following entities:


Cause Codes

Cause Code mapping enables you to map the cause code that the IMG receives from the terminating side of a call to a different cause code that the IMG will send to the originating side of the call. You can assign a cause code mapping table to any incoming channel group that requires special cause code handling.

See Configuring Error Handling



In response to a Cause Code, the IMG can be configured to release the call and send the Cause Code to the network, or it can play a Treatment: an announcement or a tone.

You can map the Treatment that is played in response to a particular Cause Code override, at the channel group level, the treatment that the IMG normally associates with a cause code. When you override the treatment assigned to a cause code, your custom treatment takes precedence over any treatment that either a service or the default cause code handling returns.

See Configuring a Channel to Play Treatment