The IMG supports ENUM E2U+sip to resolve an ENUM telephone number into a SIP URI.  With ENUM native SIP users, even at different VoIP service providers, can call each other directly without ever touching a PSTN service which can result in faster connection times and lower phone charges.

ENUM facilitates the interconnection of systems that rely on telephone numbers with those that use URIs to route transactions. E.164 is the ITU-T standard international numbering plan, under which all globally-reachable telephone numbers are organized.



RFC 3764 enumservice registration for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Addresses-of-Record



This feature is required when:








  1. Configure ENUM servers with the ENUM Server pane.

  2. Configure a SIP Channel Group.

  3. Configure a IP Network Element

  4. Configure a Route Table.

  5. Add a Route Entry with the Outgoing Channel Group pointing to the ENUM Channel Group.


Call Tracing

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