DNS Servers


The DNS Servers object in ClientView is created under the External Network Elements object. You must create this container object before you configure individual DNS Servers. Clientview will allow one DNS Servers object to be created under the External Network Elements Object. To configure a DNS Server the user must first create this DNS Servers object and then right-click on DNS Servers and select New DNS Server.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS -> External Network Elements -> DNS Servers



Maximum Objects:

1 DNS Servers object per External Network Elements object


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ClientView Pane: Software 10.5.1 - 10.5.3



ClientView Pane: Software 10.5.3_ER1:

The DNS Servers pane below was updated in software version 10.5.3_ER1. Once a DNS query is initiated, the IMG will initiate a DNS query to a DNS server. The query can be for just an A-Record, just an SRV Record, or both. The object was updated to allow the user to select what format is to be sent in INVITE. See information below




Field Descriptions:

Domain Name:

Enter the Domain Name of your network in this field. Click in the Domain Name field and enter the Domain Name. What is entered here will be appended to the Host Name for DNS lookups.


DNS Query Type:

Mixed (Default) - The IMG will send both SRV record and A-Record on queries to the DNS server.

A-Query - Only A records will be sent to the DNS server and all entities having SRV records will fail.

SRV Query - All records sent to the DNS server will be of SRV record type. If a record in A record format is received we will transform it into a SRV record.