External Gatekeeper


The IMG supports communicating with a gatekeeper for registration and discovery in an H.323 network. The External Gatekeeper object is created to configure the information needed to connect and communicate with a primary External H.323 Gatekeeper. Alternate gatekeepers can then be configured under the primary. Refer to the information below on how to configure this object.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS-> External Network Elements-> External Gatekeepers-> External Gatekeeper


Maximum Objects:

1 per EMS


Related Topics:

Adding an External Gatekeeper


Click on Technical Notes link for technical information when configuring the External Gatekeeper.


ClientView Pane:





Field Descriptions:


The Name field identifies the specific external gatekeeper being configured. Click in the Name field and enter a name that identifies the gatekeeper being configured.

Gatekeeper Auto Discovery:

The Gatekeeper Auto Discovery field configures whether the IMG will automatically send a Gateway Request (GRQ) message to discover and register with the gatekeeper being configured or whether the discovery and registration process will need to be achieved manually.

Disable (Default) - The IMG automatically transmits a Gateway Request (GRQ) and Registration Request (RRQ) message to the gatekeepers being configured.

Enable - Automatic registration is disabled. To register with the External Gatekeeper, the Discover GK, Register with GK, and Unregister with GK buttons in the H.323 Signaling object will need to be utilized.


Gatekeeper IP Address:

The Gatekeeper IP Address field specifies the IP Address of the External Gatekeeper that the IMG will be communicating with. Click in this field and an Enter IP Address box will appear. Enter the IP Address. If the IP address of the gatekeeper is not known, leave the Default IP address ( and the IMG will broadcast for an available gatekeeper.


Time to Live (sec):

The Time To Live field configures the number of seconds that the IMG should be considered active by the gatekeeper. After the Time To Live parameter has expired, the H.323 endpoint will need to re-register with the gatekeeper. The Time to Live parameter is normally controlled by the gatekeeper but by configuring the Time to Live parameter on the IMG, the IMG has some control over the parameter. Once configured, the Time To Live parameter is sent from the IMG (H.323 Endpoint) to the gatekeeper in the Registration Request (RRQ) message when registering with the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper looks at this value and either accepts the received value or rejects it and sends back an overridden Time to Live value in the Registration Confirm (RCF) message. The Time to Live parameter value is entered in seconds and ranges from 0 to 655 seconds. Click in the Time To Live field and enter the parameter value in seconds.



Monitoring Fields:

Gatekeeper TTL Value:

The Time to Live value returned by the Gatekeeper upon registration.



Object Table Tab:

A table displaying the information from the Alternate Gatekeepers is displayed if any Alternate Gatekeepers are defined.