Facility Wizard


Use the Facility Wizard to configure a range of TDM spans.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS -> Logical IMG -> Physical IMG -> Facility -> Bearer Spans or Signaling Spans -> Facility Wizard


Maximum Objects:

Only one Facility Wizard can be executed at any one time.


Related Topics:

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ClientView Pane: 10.5.x:




Field Descriptions:


Select from a drop down menu a list of all the span profiles that have been configured under the Profile object in ClientView.


Start Interface ID:

Select from drop down menu which Interface Offset/Span to start with.


Span Count:

Select from drop down menu the number of spans you would like to configure the Profile on.


For Example: (Refer to Screen Capture above) If your starting interface is 0 as shown in screen capture above and your Span Count is set to 10, then Spans 0-9 will get profile T1_Profile1 configured on them.