IP Network (Interface)

In software 10.5.2 ER1 the Network object was added to replace the Network Interfaces object. If using software version 10.5.2 CI or earlier, the Network Interfaces object is configured in place of the IP Network object. To create an IP Network object, right click on the Physical IMG, (IMG Name:) and select New Network. The IP Network object does not require any configuration. Once the IP Network object is created, the IP Address object can be created. This object configures the functionality pertaining to the individual interfaces on the rear of the IMG (Control, Data, and Signaling).


Accessing this Pane

Dialogic IMG EMS > Logical IMG > Physical IMG > Network



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Maximum Objects:

1 Network Interfaces object per physical IMG object.


ClientView Pane:



Field Descriptions:

None: Any functionality pertaining to the Control, Data, and Signaling interfaces are configured under the IP Network object in the IP Address object. For information on the IP Address object, refer to Related Items section links above.