Advanced Carrier Number Translation


The settings selected in this pane will be included in the Transient Network Selection (TNS) parameter if Carrier Number Translation is configured for the Translation Table.

Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS -> Routing Configuration -> Incoming Translation Tables -> Translation Table -> Translation Entry  -> New Advanced Carrier Number Translation

Maximum Objects:

1 per Translation Entry

Related Topics:

Configuring Digit Matching and Translation

SS7 Parameter Filter

Previous Pane:

Translation Entry


ClientView Pane:




Field Descriptions:

Type of Network

CCITT Standardized (default) -

National Network -


Network Identification Plan

This field only applies if the Type of Network is CCITT Standardized.

Unknown -

Public Data Network (default) -

Public Land Data Network -


Circuit Code

This field only applies if the Type of Network is National Network.

Unspecified -

International Call - No Operator Requested -

International Call - No Operator Request -

Spare -

Reserved for Network Specific Use -