M3UA Remote Signaling Gateway (SG)


Used when configuring an Application Server Stack on the IMG 1010. The Remote Signaling Gateway object is created under the M3UA Signaling Stack. The Remote Signaling Gateway in the network accepts M3UA/ISUP messaging from the Application Server over St-links. To configure a Remote Signaling Gateway, The Routing Context must be known. See below for more information on configuring the Remote Signaling Gateway Object.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS > Logical IMG > Signaling > SS7 > SS7 Stack > New Remote Signaling Gateway (SG)


Maximum Objects:

16 Remote Signaling Gateway Objects per SS7 stack


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ClientView Pane:




Field Descriptions:

Signaling Gateway ID:

The Signaling Gateway ID is automatically populated with the next available ID. The ID identifies the Remote Signaling Gateway being configured. To change the ID, click in the Signaling Gateway ID field and a drop down menu with ID's available will appear.


Routing Context: (Optional Parameter as of 10.5.3 SP6)

The Routing Context number being configured can either be matched up with the Routing Context number configured in the Remote Signaling Gateway for this Application Server Stack. Click in the Routing Context Field and enter the Routing Context Number.

Note: As of 10.5.3 SP6 the Routing Context parameter can be an empty value when Remote SG or Remote AS is configured.


Traffic Mode:

This field is for redundancy situations only. The Default is Override. In Override mode, the Primary ASP is active and the secondary is considered a backup. In Loadshare Mode Traffic is evenly distributed across all ASP's. (Broadcast Mode is not supported). Select the Traffic Mode from drop down menu.