Media Module (IMG1010 only)


The Media Module Pane object is configured under the Media IMG object. Once the Media Module Pane is created the individual Media DSP's can then be created. There is only one Media Module that can get configured on the IMG1010 and it is considered an On-Board module. These settings should all be left as their defaults.

Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS -> Logical IMG -> IMG Name -> New Media -> New Media Module

NOTE: The IMG1004 does not have a Media Module. There are fewer DSP's on the IMG1004 and they are part of the main board.


Maximum Objects:

1 per Physical IMG


Related Topics:

Configuring Media

Media DSP


ClientView Pane:



Field Descriptions:

Module Interface Id:

The Module Interface ID is selectable from a drop down menu as either 0 or 1.


Module Name:

This field is automatically populated with On-Board. The Media Module is on the main board and not a separate module.