Probe Endpoint

The Probe Endpoint object along with the Logical Interface object and IP Address object are all used to configure the Smart-Probing feature. The Smart-Probing feature enhances the fault tolerance of the IMG by sending a Gratuitous ARP to each of the network endpoints that were configured as Probe Endpoints to the IMG. If the endpoints configured do not respond to the ARP within a specified amount of time, the IMG will automatically switch-over the interface or port to its standby (Ex: Data 0 > Data 1). The Probe Endpoint object configures which IP addresses to send the Gratuitous ARPs to. Refer to the Ethernet Redundancy via Smart Probe topic for more information on the Smart-Probing feature. For information on the individual fields in the Probe Endpoint object, refer to the information below.

Note: If multiple endpoints are configured, the switchover will not occur until after ALL endpoints fail to respond to the Gratuitous ARPs sent.


Accessing this Pane

Dialogic IMG EMS > Logical IMG > Physical IMG > IP Network > Logical Interface > Probe Endpoint



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Maximum Objects

Can create up to three Probe Endpoint objects per Logical Interface object.


ClientView Pane



Field Descriptions

IP Address

Click in the IP Address field and an ‘Enter IP Address’ box will appear. Enter the IP address of the Network end point that the Gratuitous ARPs will be sent to.