Overview of Sigtran/M3UA on IMG 1010


M3UA on IMG: IMG used is AS Mode (Application Server)

The diagram below demonstrates the IMG 1010 used as an Application Server (AS). Using the IMG 1010 as an Application Server will enable the use of the IMG 1010 in a Next Generation SS7 interconnect utilizing IP for SS7 signaling as an alternative to MTP2 based signaling links. The diagram displays the use of the IMG 1010 as a replacement for conventional MTP2 signaling links. The IMG 1010 utilizes the IP network to pass ISUP signaling over the St-links. The CIC's in the Diagram are controlled by these St-links. This is one of the ways in which the IMG 1010 can be used as an Application Server. Below is a procedure which explains how to configure the IMG 1010 as an Application Server which will communicate with an External Signaling Gateway such as the Dialogic® DSI Signaling Gateway.





M3UA on IMG: IMG used in SG Mode (Signaling Gateway):

The diagram below demonstrates the IMG 1010 used as a Signaling Gateway (SG) and is part of an entry level Signaling Switching Point implementation. The diagram displays a conventional SS7 network sending traditional MTP3 traffic to the IMG 1010 acting as a Signaling Gateway. The IMG 1010 provides the Nodal Interworking Function/Routing Layer that allows SCCP signaling to be inter-worked into the M3UA/IP Network. There are limitations when configuring the IMG 1010 as a Signaling Gateway. See items below for information on functionality and limitations.





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