Advanced Translation Features

These features are configurable for both the incoming and outgoing translation tables.  


ANI and DNIS Translation on Same Call

To translate on both Dialed Number and Originating Number, configure the following fields in the Translation Entry pane:

Type of Operation: Translation

String to Match: Dialed Number


Dialed Number Translation:

Originating Number Translation:

Re-run Option: Originating Number



Appending Info Digits to ANI or DNIS

This feature is valid for SS7 ANSI and SIP-T only.

Info Digits are included in the Originating Line Info Parameter (OLIP) from SS7 or in the ISUP MIME body included in a SIP message when SIP-T is enabled.

To append the INFO Digits to the after translation, configure the following fields in the Translation Entry pane:



String: &

Dialed Number Translation: &jj

Second String for Translation: Info Digits

Second String: jj


Translate on Incoming Channel Group

To add a prefix to an incoming number based on the incoming channel group, use the Match Channel Group as Well field in the Translation Entry pane. Only numbers that also are from the indicated Channel Group will match. This allows you to have different matching criteria entries for multiple gateways without creating separate Translation tables.