Configuring Route Lists


Before you begin:

Channel Groups must be created before creating route lists. When creating the Channels groups, do not select a Route Table in the Channel Group yet. At the end of this procedure we will return to the Channel Group Pane and assign Route Tables to channel groups. See related topic for links to creating channel groups




There are a couple ways to download a route list. Below are the two methods.


  1. A Route List will not get sent to the IMG until you click the Save Route List button shown below. Selecting the commit option does not download the table. After the Route List has been modified, click Save Route List button.




  1. In ClientView if you are editing a route list both that object and the parent object will have a cached icon. You can continue to make changes to the table without downloading the list to the IMG. When done with all of the edits select an object outside of the parent object and the list will get downloaded.



Route List Pane in software version 10.5.0 - 10.5.1_ER2



Route List Pane in software version 10.5.1_ER3+





  1. Right-click Routing Configuration and select New Route List.

  2. Right-click Route List and select New Route List.

  3. The Route List ID is automatically populated with the next available number.

  4. Enter a Name for the route list. Using mouse, double click in the Name field and box will change to white. Enter a name to give this route list

  5. Select from drop down menu the Hunting Option to be used.

  6. To disable Re-routing select Disabled from drop down menu. For more information on configuring the Route List Pane, see the following link. Route List


Adding Channel Groups to a Route List:

  1. Right-click the Route List entry and select New Channel Group. The Channel Group (in Route List) pane appears.

  2. Select the Channel Group to add to this Route List from the Group Name field.  The router hunts through the channel groups in a sequence that is based on the hunting option that you specified above.

  3. To add additional Channel Groups, repeat steps 6 and 7 for each. See the Channel Group (Added to Route List) pane reference for details.


Assigning Route Lists to a Route Table:

  1. From the list of Route Tables you have created, right-click the desired Route Table and select New Route List.

  2. In the Routing Action Type field, select Route List.

  3. In the Route List field, select this Route List.


Assigning a Route Table to Channel Group

Return to the Channel Group and select the Route Table from the drop-down list in the Route Table field.

See Creating_an_SS7_Channel_Group or Creating_an_H_323_Channel_Group.


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