Overview of Network Interfaces:

The network Interfaces are configured using ClientView. By configuring these interfaces, you provide physical and logical interface data which then configures how the network traffic is organized over the subnets.

Note: The IP Address 10.31.42.x (Subnet: is reserved for the IMG's. Do not attach to any external network with this address.



There are three types of IMG streams:

  1. Control (Management)

  2. Signaling (H.323/SIP)

  3. Data (RTP)


Important Note: The Network Interface for Network Management (Ctrl 0) is configured automatically during the BootP process and the connection is made when logging into ClientView.


Important Note: The Data and Control ports must be segregated (on separate hubs). See the IMG 1010 - Network Interfaces Scenarios or IMG 1004 Network Interface Scenarios topic for sample scenarios that can be considered when configuring the network interfaces.


Depending on the network configuration, the IMG can be configured to either separate rtp data and signaling data into separate network interfaces or they can be combined onto one interface. The IMG supports both scenarios