Configuring IP Bearer Profiles

Configure up to 16 IP Bearer Profiles that define the inbound and outbound behavior of a call. Assign IP Bearer Profiles to SIP or H.323 channel groups.


Configure IP Bearer Profiles

  1. Right-click IMG EMS and select New IP Bearer Profiles.

  2. Right-click IP Bearer Traffic Profiles and select New IP Bearer Profile.

  3. Complete the fields as described in the IP Bearer Profile pane reference.

If required, use the Comedia Mode field to enable Comedia. See Comedia for more information.


Assigning Vocoders to Profile

  1. To assign vocoders to the profile, right-click on the profile and select New Supported Vocoders.

    The Supported Vocoder pane appears.

  2. Select the desired vocoder from the Payload Type field and change default payload size settings if required.

    : You must have your Host Flags set correctly to enable certain vocoders. Additionally, you must have a valid license for AMR and EVRC.   

    : The order that the vocoders appear in the table are the order they are used in the H.245 Terminal Capability Exchange for the IP Bearer Profile. The entries are listed in descending priority. You can change the order using the up and down buttons on the toolbar.   

  3. Repeat steps 4-5 to add additional vocoders to the profile.

See the Supported Vocoders pane reference for details.