Configuring VoIP


To enable the IMG to function over an IP network the VoIP modules must be configured. There are two steps involved in configuring each VoIP module. The first step is to configure the IP Address (Interface). Below are screen captures of both the IMG 1010 and IMG 1004 and their respective DATA 0 port locations (IP Address-Interface).  Once the Network Interface is configured the VoIP module(s) must be configured to communicate with the Network Interface. This is accomplished under the Facilities object. The procedure below describes the steps needed to configure the network interface DATA 0 so it communicates with VoIP Module 0.


IMG1010 Rear Panel Data 0 location



IMG1004 Rear Panel Data location




Create Network Interface

  1. Right-click the IMG Name: (Physical IMG) and select New Network. See IP Network (Interface) for more information.

  2. Right Click on IP Network and select New IP Address. Change the Physical Interface field to VoIP Module 0 and enter the IP address that will be assigned to that module. See screen capture below. See IP Address for more information

Note: The IMG 1010 has VOIP Module 0 for one of selections in the Physical Interface field and the IMG 1004 has VoIP Processor. The reason for the name discrepancy is that the IMG 1010 has two VoIP Modules with the Processors embedded on each Module. These modules are removable. The IMG 1004 has the VoIP Processer embedded on the motherboard and cannot be removed.


IMG 1010 IP Address Object Pane


 IMG 1004 IP Address Object Pane



Create IP Bearer (VoIP Resource)

Create an IP Bearer facility. This facility will be tied to port DATA 0 (VoIP Resource) and the VoIP Module 0 created earlier.

  1. Right Click on IMG Name (Physical IMG) and select New Facility. See Facility for more information.

  2. Right Click on the Facility object created and select New Bearer - IP. The VoIP Resource created will automatically populate the following fields:

    Physical Interface = VoIP Module 0. IMG automatically associates VoIP Module 0 with VoIP Resource 0
    Network IP Address = <IP address of VoIP Module 0>
    Module Configuration Profile = Defaults to Any Vocoder

    See VoIP Resource for more information.

  3. At this point, the DATA 0 port displayed above is communicating with VoIP Module 0.