Configuring Custom SS7 Variants

To create a new SS7 signaling variant:

  1. Right click IMG EMS and select New Signaling Variants.


  2. Right click Signaling Variants and select New Signaling Variant.


    The Signaling Variant pane appears.

  3. In the Variant Name field, enter a name for the variant.

Automatically Populated Field: Variant Type = SS7.

  1. In the Base Variant field, select the base variant to use for this custom variant.

Automatically Populated Field: Variant ID = next available number in sequence.

See the Signaling Variant pane reference for more details.


  1. Right click the entry you just configured in the Configuration Tree and select New Variant Entry.


    The Variant Entry pane appears.

  2. Configure fields as required. See the Variant Entry pane reference for more details.


Importing Variant Entries

  1. To import a variant entries, store the variant file ("variantname".cfg) in the path on the linux host. See path below:

/opt/dialogic/IMG/config/Variant/"VariantName" (Software 10.5.1 +)


The CSV file that loads the variant into GCEMS needs to be located on the same machine that ClientView is running on.

  1. Right-click the Variant Name created and select Import Variant Entry, then select the desired file.