Route/Cause Code/Service Route Tables


The Route Table/Cause Code/Service Route Table Pane is a dual purpose pane. This pane is created under all of the following:


Routing Tables object

Service Route Tables object

Cause Code Tables object.


This pane is used to create a Route Table and define the rules for routing a call. Rules such as Routing Criteria Order and call redirect are configured in this pane. Beneath the Route Table, Service Route Table, and Cause Code Table you can create multiple Route Entries.


Note: When creating the Cause Code Table there is only one selection for Routing Criteria which is Cause Code. The Route Table and Service Route Table have multiple choices for this field.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS > Routing Configuration > Routing Tables

Dialogic IMG EMS > Routing Configuration > Service Route Tables

Dialogic IMG EMS > Routing Configuration > Cause Code Tables


Maximum Objects:

An IMG will allow up to 66 combined Route Tables, Cause Code Tables, Time Of Day Tables and Service Routing/TOD Tables per Dialogic IMG EMS. The IMG has a max capacity of 100,000 combined entries of the Tables mentioned above. For example: the IMG can support creating 20 Route Tables with each Route Table having 5000 entries.


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Route Table and Service Route Table Pane: (10.5.0)


Cause Code Table Pane:(10.5.0)


Route Table and Service Route Table Pane: (10.5.1)


Cause Code Table Pane:(10.5.1)



Field Descriptions:


This is a unique name entered which identifies the Route Table being created. Click in the Name field and enter the name.



This is the ID of the Route or Service Route Table being created. The ID is automatically populated with the next available Route/Service Route Table.


Routing Criteria Order:

The Criteria which the call will routed on. Click in this field and an arrange items box will appear. The criteria in this box is evaluated by the IMG in the order in which they appear in the window. Move criteria up or down as desired and click OK. Click on the following pop-up to display the Arrange Items box (arrange_items). The Criteria FCI is routing on Forward Call Indicators and is supported in software 10.5.0 only.


Note: Routing Criteria for a Cause Code Table will always be Cause Code and cannot be changed


Would you like to Redirect Call:

(Only on Incoming Calls) If all TDM circuits are being utilized would you like to send a 302 message back to the originating gateway with information on where to redirect the call to. See SIP Redirect IMG Initiated 302 link in the Related Topics Above.


Yes - Yes send the 302 message to the originating gateway

No - No do not send the 302 message to the originating gateway