Routing Tables


The Routing Tables object will maintain a database of all the individual route tables. Once the Routing Tables object is configured the individual route tables are created beneath it. To create a Routing Tables object, right-click on the Routing Configuration object and select New Routing Tables. A pane like below gets created. From the Routing Tables object, each individual Route Table is created.


Accessing this Dialog Box

Dialogic IMG EMS -> New Routing Configuration -> New Routing Tables


Maximum Objects:

1 Routing Tables entry per Routing Configuration Object


Related Topics:

Creating a Route Table


Routing Table Pane:



Note: An IMG will allow up to 66 Route/Cause Code/Service Routing Table entries per Dialogic IMG EMS. The IMG has a max capacity of 100,000 entries, or 20 tables each with 5000 entries.


Field Descriptions: