SNMP Agent


An SNMP Agent is an application that performs the operational role of receiving and processing requests, sending responses to the manager, and sending traps when an event occurs. The IMG acts as an SNMP Agent. The SNMP agent software must have three sets of hooks into the SNMP Manager:Use this pane to configure the SNMP Agent on a physical IMG.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS-> Logical IMG-> Physical IMG-> New SNMP Agent



Maximum Objects:

1 per Physical IMG in ClientView


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ClientView Pane




Field Description:

Engine ID:

The local engine ID is defined as the unique identifier of an SNMPv3 engine, and is used for identification and not addressing. The IMG does not support SNMPv3 so any number entered into this field will work. To enter the Engine ID, click in the Engine ID field and an Enter Value screen will appear. Enter the Engine ID in this screen.


SNMP System Name:

The name that identifies the SNMP agent. The default name that appears is the name given the Physical IMG. This can be changed to any name by clicking in the SNMP System Name field and typing the new name. This will be printed in any traps that may occur.


System Location:

Enter a location for the SNMP Agent. Click in the System Location field and enter the location. This will be printed in any traps that may occur.


System Contact:

Enter a contact name to alert people who to contact in the case of an SNMP Trap being sent. This will be printed in any traps that may occur


SNMP Agent Network Interface:

Click in this field and a drop down menu will appear which displays all the IP addresses configured on the IMG. Select the IP address that the SNMP agent will use when communicating with SNMP Managers on the network.