SS7 Link


This object identifies an SS7 link within an SS7 link set to an APC.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS -> Logical IMG -> Physical IMG -> SS7  -> SS7 Stack -> SS Link Set -> SS7 link


Maximum Objects:

IMG 1010 = 64 per Logical IMG

IMG 1004 = 4 per Remote Node


Note on SS7 Functionality on the IMG 1004: With each new software release Dialogic has added new SS7 functionality to the IMG 1004. See timeline below:


• Release 10.5.1 – Ability to act as a remote SS7 node and terminate up to four links. (F-1406)

• Release 10.5.3 – Full SS7 functionality. (F-1446)


For information on SS7 functionality click HERE

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ClientView Pane 10.3.x - 10.5.0



ClientView Pane 10.5.1



Field Descriptions:

Primary/Secondary (10.3.x - 10.5.0):

This field specifies whether the SS7 link is supported by the primary or secondary physical IMG.


Link ID:

This field specifies the SS7 link ID. Select from drop down menu.


IMG (10.5.1+):

This field has a drop down menu with all IMG's configured. Select the Physical IMG that the link being created will be associated with.


Interface - Offset:

This field specifies the physical offset (span) on which the SS7 link will be configured.



This field specifies the channel from the physical offset (span) chosen in the previous field on which the SS7 link will be configured.


Signaling Link Code:

This field specifies the SLC of the SS7 link. SLC is unique across any SS7 link set with a range of values of 0 – 15.


Data Rate:

This field specifies the data rate of the SS7 signaling link.

Note: For T1 SS7 links with line coding configured for B7ZS, only the 48 Kbps data rates are valid.


Electrical Interface:

DS1 Channel

DS1 Channel Data


Monitoring Fields:

Link Status:

This monitoring field displays the status of the SS7 link whether it is in or out of service.



In Service:

This buttons brings the SS7 link in service.

Out Of Service:

This buttons takes the SS7 link out of service.


This buttons inhibits the SS7 link.


This buttons uninhibits the SS7 link.



Display Table:

This table displays a list of the configured SS7 links under a specific SS7 Link set.