T1 Physical Span (Software 10.3.x)


This object specifies the physical format of a T1 logical span. The user will be allowed to configure a T1 span, if the IMG 1010 is configured for T1 via the host flags.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS-> Logical IMG-> Physical IMG-> facility -> TDM DS1 (of type T1) -> T1 Physical Span


Maximum T1 Physical Span Objects:

1 per TDM DS1 object


Related Topics:

Configuring a T1 or E1 Bearer Span


Click on Technical Notes link for technical information on the T1 Physical Span


ClientView Pane Software 10.3.x




Field Descriptions:

Loop Timing Type:

Specifies whether that specific span is used for primary loop timing, secondary loop timing or not.



Specifies whether the framing of the span is ESF or D4.




Line Length:

Specifies the length of the T1 line:


Note: In SNMP, the first value in the range is returned, in meters, as shown below:


Line Coding:

Specifies the line coding of T1 span.


Note: For T1 SS7 links with line coding configured for B7ZS, only the 48 Kbps data rates (configured in the SS7 Link pane) are valid.


Loopback Mode:

Bearer or Signaling DS1’s can be configured for local or remote loopback. Each span offset must be individually configured.


Note: When you place a span in loopback mode the Span Status will indicate Out Of Service. Following the test you must manually put the span back in service by selecting the In Service button.

See Loopback Testing for more information.


Monitoring Fields

Span Status

This monitoring field indicates the current status of the E1 span.


Button Descriptions:

In Service

This button brings the T1 span in service.

Note: You must manually bring a span back in service following a loopback test.

Out Of Service

This spans takes the T1 span out of service.