Translation Table


With this tab you create a new Incoming or Outgoing Translation Table by specifying a number and name that uniquely identify the table. From there you can add Table Entries.


Accessing this Pane

Dialogic IMG EMS -> New Routing Configuration -> New Incoming Translation Tables -> New Translation Table


Dialogic IMG EMS -> New Routing Configuration -> New Outgoing Translation Tables -> New Translation Table



Maximum Objects:

20 per EMS - total Incoming and Outgoing


Related Topics:

Digit Translation

Sort Order in Translation Tables and Routing Tables


Sorting Criteria

Entries are sorted by two criteria:

1. Highest to lowest

2. Shortest to longest


For example:






ClientView Pane:



Field Descriptions:

Translation Table Id:

The IMG automatically assigns a unique number to a new table. If necessary, you can override this number by selecting an unused number from 1 to 20.

Translation Table Name:

A descriptive name for the table.



Save Translation Table:

This button sends the translation table to all the IMG's that are controlled by this GCEMS.


Delete All Translation Entries:

Deletes all entries in the translation table as well as any child objects of the table (Advanced Billing Parameters, Advanced Dialed Number Parameters, Advanced Originating Number Parameters, Advance Carrier Number Parameters), as long as the table is not currently assigned to any Channel Groups.

When you click the button, a confirmation box will appear. Click Yes to proceed. If the table is assigned to a channel group, an error message will appear. Otherwise, the entries will be deleted. The entries will remain showing in the pane until you select another object.