Vocabulary Index File


This pane creates a new Vocabulary Index File, which is used to identify announcements stored on the NFS server and used in the playing of treatments.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS-> Routing Configuration-> New Vocabulary Index Files-> New Vocabulary Index File



Maximum Objects:

1 Vocabulary Index File object per Vocabulary Index Files Object


Related Topics:

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Configuring an NFS Server

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Vocab Index File


ClientView Pane:



Field Descriptions:

Vocabulary Index File Id:

This field is automatically populated with the next available ID.


Vocabulary Index Filename:

This field is automatically populated ( img_vocab.dat). The file can be changed but a pathname must be entered to locate the file. The img_vocab.dat file is located at the following path:


/opt/dialogic/common/treatment/datafiles  (Software 10.5.1+)