Accessing the Vision Console

Use the Vision Console to configure and manage the Video Gateway. To access the Vision Console, follow these steps:




Open one of the following local browsers. It is helpful to view the pages in full screen mode:

  • Firefox 1.0 or later

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later


If this is the first time you are accessing the Vision Console, you must set up a host IP address for it as described in Logging into the gateway for the first time.

Once you have configured the host IP address for the Vision Console, enter the configured address.


Enter the following information:

  • User name (root, admin, or user)

  • Password (vision)

The console displays the Overview page, which contains information about the servers, media boards, port rating, software version, installed patches, and licensing information for the Video Gateway. This page also shows whether conferencing is enabled.

The user names for the Vision Console have the following rights:

User name

Associated rights


Super-user that can change the Video Gateway model with assistance from Dialogic Technical Services and Support. This user can also delete log files and CDR files.

Note: Appropriate licenses are required to change the gateway model.


Administrator. This user can do everything an end user can do. In addition, this user can change all Video Gateway configuration and provisioning settings, and can perform a port capacity upgrade.

Note: Appropriate licenses are required to perform a port capacity upgrade.


End user. This user can monitor and add routes, and monitor and add CCXML applications.

The options in the Configuration and Operations menus are read-only for this user.