Obtaining Additional Software Fault Log Information


The IPN-3 card allows gathering additional fault log information via the debug port. This information is not available via the traditional Fault Log Query (0x0086) message.

Follow the steps below to capture the additional Fault Log information

1. Connect a debug cable from the IPN-3 card to a PC and run a program such as HyperTerminal. Make sure to enable writing of all information to a capture file prior to proceeding.

2. From the Debug Port command line, type the following:

X (to enable printing)




Format (A=ASCII B=BINARY C=RS232): c

• Once the card has finished printing, press q

• Press q again to return to the main prompt.

X (to disable printing)

3. Stop the file capture.

4. Email the capture file to Dialogic Technical support along with log and configuration files.


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