Dual Ethernet Port


You can configure the second Ethernet port on the
CSP Matrix Series 3 Card I/O card to separate the SIP signaling traffic from the host application control traffic. Dialogic recommends that you have the host-to-CSP traffic carried on Ethernet port A and the SIP signaling traffic carried on the Ethernet port B.

The BOOTP server is required to configure Ethernet port B.


The additional information is carried in the vendor specific area of the BOOTP response. You modify the BOOTP configuration to include new entries to carry the IP Address, Gateway IP Address, and Subnet Mask for the second physical Ethernet port.

Configuring the second Ethernet port is optional but if you enter an IP Address for Ethernet port B you must enter an associated Subnet Mask.

Important! Although a gateway IP Address may be configured for both Port A and Port B, only one is utilized. If two gateway IP addresses are configured, one for Port A and one for Port B the one specified for Port A will be used. Therefore, Dialogic recommends that you configure only one gateway IP Address and that it be on Port B.

If you do not configure the second Ethernet port, it is internally set to the same values configured for the first Ethernet port.


For the associated procedure, refer to Configuring Dual Ethernet Ports on IP Signaling and CSP Matrix Series 3 Cards in the Application Development chapter in the Developer Guide: Overview.