Miercom Awards Performance Verified Certification to the Dialogic BorderNet 4000 Session Border Controller

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dialogic offers unmatched performance for an SBC in a 1 RU appliance and addresses the complexity of interconnecting networks and delivering seamless next generation IP based multimedia services

Milpitas, CA – April 10, 2012Dialogic Inc. (NASDAQ: DLGC), a leading provider of communications technologies that enhance the end-to-end mobile experience, announced today that Miercom, a leading independent test lab, has awarded the Dialogic® BorderNet™ 4000 Session Border Controller (SBC) its Performance Verified designation for its overall performance, scalability and resiliency.  The recently launched BorderNet 4000 SBC is the newest addition to the Dialogic® BorderNet™ family of SBC solutions, and is considered unique in its ability to support 600 signaling and media sessions per second and scale up to 32,000 simultaneous sessions, leading to unmatched performance for an SBC in a 1 rack unit (RU) appliance.  During the Miercom evaluation, the BorderNet 4000 SBC was able to successfully maintain functionality while withstanding various malicious attacks and extreme load conditions with no dropped calls and little impact on system resources.  The full Miercom test report can be found here.

As service providers transform their networks to all-IP and roll out innovative multimedia services to their customers, they are facing real-world challenges. These new services are requiring the use of multiple networks to provide an end-to-end service that connects consumers and content.  Session border controllers (SBCs) are central to the evolution towards next generation and 4G environments and can help service providers transform, connect and secure their networks and services. 

“The demand for network-to-network IP interconnection is expanding,” said Diane Myers, Directing Analyst for VoIP and IMS at Infonetics. “Session border controllers are an integral component for service providers as they retool their existing voice networks in order to support next gen services and Voice over LTE (VoLTE).  The BorderNet 4000 SBC fits in well with this service provider strategy by focusing on security, scalability, and signaling interworking, as well as ease-of-use to help this transition.”

The BorderNet 4000 SBC includes four 1+1 protected 1GigE interfaces, redundant hot swappable power supplies and hard drives, and supports a hitless, high availability configuration option to provide carrier-grade “five 9’s” (i.e., 99.999%) performance.  As part of the standard  configuration of the BorderNet 4000 SBC, Dialogic has also added an advanced web-based user interface and management dashboard along with streamlined configuration and provisioning tools that enable fast set up of either Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or H.323 based peering interconnects.  An intuitive menu driven SIP header manipulation tool allows service providers to connect diverse SIP-based networks with different signaling characteristics in a seamless manner and facilitate the delivery of end-to-end IP voice services across different service provider domains. 

The BorderNet 4000 SBC has advanced security features that include customizable signaling and media topology hiding, protection against DoS attacks, real-time inspection of message syntax and semantics, multi-level traffic management, and adaptive overload controls.  The Miercom designation validates the performance of the capabilities Dialogic has engineered into the solution.  “The BorderNet 4000 SBC delivered impressive performance,” said Robert Smithers, CEO of Miercom, “and it proved impervious to attempts to compromise its performance with attack traffic.”

The BorderNet 4000 SBC is part of the BorderNet family of SBC solutions that include the BorderNet 3000 SBC for peering and access applications; the BorderNet 2020 SBC for valued added services, SIP trunking delivery and access applications; and the BorderNet 500 Enterprise SBC for SIP trunking and customer premise security and unified communications applications.  “The BorderNet 4000 SBC is a great addition to the BorderNet family of SBC solutions,” said Harold Klett, VP and GM of the Service Provider Infrastructure Unit at Dialogic. “The BorderNet 4000 SBC incorporates innovative patent-pending technology from Dialogic and was designed to align with next gen, 3G and 4G requirements, making it a solution that is well-suited for both fixed and mobile service provider applications.” 

The BorderNet 4000 SBC is available now, and shipping in both standard and high availability configurations.  Learn more at http://www.dialogic.com/Products/session-border-controllers/bordernet-4000.aspx.  Also, download a free white paper on session border controllers and access the full Miercom report here.

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