Dialogic and Mavenir Systems Announce Global Business Partnership in Driving Adoption of Software-based IMS/VoLTE Network Infrastructure

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dialogic Powers Software Based IMS MRF and MGCF Solutions

Update: Dialogic has continued this partnership with Mitel since Mitel acquired Mavenir in late April of 2015.

Parsippany, NJ, February 24, 2015 - Dialogic, a global networking software and infrastructure solution provider, today announced a business partnership with Mavenir Systems where Dialogic will supply Mavenir with critical network infrastructure products to fill out the Mavenir Systems IMS product portfolio. Specifically, Dialogic will be providing PowerMedia™ XMS for Mavenir’s next generation network mobile voice and video mail, PBX and enterprise application offerings. PowerMedia XMS works seamlessly with the Mavenir Telephony Application Server (TAS) in enabling these rich set of mobile telephony applications. Dialogic will also be providing Mavenir with the Dialogic® ControSwitch™ System and I-Gate® 4000 PRO and EDGE Media Gateways for Mavenir’s IMS Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF) and Media Gateway (MGW) functions respectively, which provide call routing and interconnect for Mavenir’s IMS VoLTE solution.

“We are pleased to be able to offer Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS, a leading software-based media server, and the ControlSwitch System as part of Mavenir’s overall IMS solution. Both of these products fit in well with our software-based IMS solution offering,” said Pardeep Kohli, president and CEO, Mavenir Systems. “We have included both of these in multiple RFP responses, and are deploying these products with Tier 1 mobile operators in Asia and the US.”

“We are excited to bring Dialogic’s proven global expertise routing and interconnecting IP and IMS networks to Mavenir,” said Kevin Cook, president and CEO of Dialogic. “Additionally, the combination of the Mavenir TAS and PowerMedia XMS will enable many innovative and revenue generating telco applications on the mobile operator networks using the Mavenir IMS solution set. Apple’s addition of VoLTE calling to the iPhone 6 has brought increased interest to VoLTE and other telco communications applications on LTE networks. As Mavenir and other VoLTE players roll out both IMS-based or OTT messaging solutions, our platforms are ready for any new codec or service that subscribers will ask for in the future.”

PowerMedia XMS supports IR.92 and IR.94, which are required for voice over LTE calling and video over LTE calling respectively. PowerMedia XMS also supports other key functionalities such as a software-based Media Resource Broker required for telco scalability, message session relay protocol (MSRP) for enhanced texting and WebRTC voice (Opus) and video (VP8 and VP9) codecs, all of which will enable additional future services on the same platform. PowerMedia XMS is a fully software-based MRF and is on a path to support network functions virtualization (NFV) as more service providers build it into their infrastructure for operational and capital expenditure savings.

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About Mavenir:

Mavenir™ (NYSE: MVNR) is a leading provider of software-based networking solutions that enable mobile service providers to deliver high-quality internet protocol (IP)-based voice, video, rich communication and enhanced messaging services to their subscribers globally. Mavenir’s mOne® software platform has enabled leading mobile service providers to introduce the industry’s first live network deployment of Voice-Over-LTE (VoLTE) and the industry’s first live deployment of next-generation Rich Communication Services 5.0 (RCS). Our solutions deliver next-generation services such as RCS, VoLTE and Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) over existing 2G and 3G networks and next-generation 4G LTE networks. www.mavenir.com



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