Major European incumbent operator chooses ECT solution to deploy WebRTC-enhanced voice and video toll free services enabled by Dialogic PowerMedia™ Software

Monday, May 11, 2015

Solution combines national toll free 0800 numbers with WebRTC-based video and voice access and optional web-based call center agents to process WebRTC-generated incoming voice and video calls

PARSIPPANY, N.J., May 11, 2015 - Dialogic, a global networking software and infrastructure solution provider, today announced that a major European incumbent operator offering fixed, mobile, Internet, digital television and ICT services has selected ECT (European Computer Telecoms AG) INtellECT® WebRTC Solution enabled by Dialogic® PowerMedia™ media processing software to provide WebRTC-enhanced voice and video 0800 toll free services.  The INtellECT WebRTC Solution is scheduled to launch this summer.

The solution enables the operator to provide its enterprise customers with an 0800 number and an HTML Click-to-Call Button that allows voice and video calls from any national and international location - without having to install a client - with any leading WebRTC capable web browser. Customers using this solution will also be able to configure their number translation of the conventional 0800 number and the incoming WebRTC calls using a web portal. In addition, the portal allows its users to define interactive voice and video response, automatic call distribution, skill-based routing, intelligent voice and video queuing, voice and video recording, and many other features for its WebRTC-enhanced toll free service.

The INtellECT® WebRTC Solution, combined with Dialogic real-time media processing, represents a powerful solution and an enormous opportunity for operators to offer WebRTC based services to their enterprise customers” said Metin Sezer, Director New Products at ECT. “We are seeing an increasing interest in WebRTC initiatives from top-tiers operators worldwide. Using PowerMedia™ Software  with the INtellECT® WebRTC Solution makes the transcoding and the media processing (e.g., for video calls) recording easy and efficient. Dialogic is long-term partner of ours and its technology enables many ECT solutions.”

ECT uses Dialogic’s PowerMedia multimedia processing software for video and voice codecs, transcoding required for WebRTC and standard telephony, and for standard media processing such as playing prompts or recording calls.  Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS media server was recently named a 2015 WebRTC Product of the Year Award winner by TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person and online.

“The interest in WebRTC solutions is increasing significantly. The unique WebRTC based video calling and interactive video response capabilities found in our combined solution offer competitive advantages that will allow operators to grow their market share of retail and enterprise customers, by offering 0800 toll free services at a much lower price” said Jim Machi, senior vice president marketing and product management at Dialogic.

About the INtellECT® WebRTC Solution

At ECT, we provide everything you need to launch service applications with voice and video calling both via your next-generation network as well as via WebRTC.  The INtellECT® WebRTC Solution of course provides a JavaScript API for voice and video calling via WebRTC as well as an optional registry. Moreover, WebRTC is integrated into our state-of-the-art applications for INtellECT® Virtual PBX and effECTive® Network-Based Contact Centres. You can offer these services immediately or quickly and easily launch new services via two unique service creation tools.

Our Visual Application Builder (VAB) is a browser-based graphical tool. Without deep programming knowledge, you can use the VAB to define new services using interactive voice and video response with ASR/TTS, PCI-compliant video and voice recording, intelligent queuing, call distribution, data read and write to any database available in the cloud, http(s) and SOAP/XML integration of web services, etc. The VAB also allows you to define and automatically generate a web user interface and/or Android app for the service. The interactive elements, like menus, prompts and data entry, are then realized not via voice, but rather visually on web pages. Your customer can still access the service via a phone with standard IVR, e.g. by dialing a geographical or service number. But he/she can use the web page or mobile app within the browser of his/her PC or smart device with voice/video communications via WebRTC.

The second, even more powerful service creation option is our comprehensive ECTXML® JavaScript Library. It allows programmers working within an HTML5 browser to define new services using one unified JavaScipt API for WebRTC as well as all the routing and media processing functions in your network, such as call rerouting and distribution, recording, conferencing, ASR/TTS and billing via Diameter. 

With all these many options, we make it easy for you to realize commercial services with WebRTC.

About ECT (European Computer Telecoms AG): 

At ECT, we develop technology for voice and multimedia value-added services based on our INtellECT® Next-Generation Intelligent Network. We help major carriers worldwide transform from legacy to next-generation networks, migrating legacy services from a myriad of platforms to one, multiservice, multi-country INtellECT® NGIN.

We have state-of-the art complete service applications such as effECTive® Network-Based Contact Centres, NTS, Televoting, Interactive Voice and Video Response as well as INtellECT® Virtual PBX, VPN, MEX, NP and Carrier Routing

Our browser-based graphical service creation tool, the Visual Application Builder (VAB) makes it easy to define new services using interactive voice and video response. In addition, we offer a comprehensive, open ECTXML® JavaScript Library  for all the routing and media processing functions available within the network.

Major carriers and providers worldwide offer profitable telecoms services based on ECT technology, such as 21IN, BT OnePhone, COLT, Deutsche Telekom, DNA, Liberty Global, Proximus, Rogers Canada, Teliasonera, Tele2, Virgin Media and Ziggo. 

Founded in 1998, ECT is an unlisted German public company with its headquarters in Munich, Germany and wholly owned sales and service subsidiaries in England, France, Germany, The Netherlands and the USA.

About Dialogic:

Dialogic, the Network Fuel® company, inspires the world’s leading service providers and application developers to elevate the performance of media-rich communications across the most advanced networks. Forty-eight of the world’s top 50 mobile operators and nearly 3,000 application developers rely on Dialogic to redefine the possible and exceed user expectations. Follow us on Twitter @Dialogic.

Dialogic, Network Fuel, and PowerMedia are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Dialogic Corporation and its affiliates or subsidiaries (“Dialogic”).  Other names of actual companies and products mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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